A Rescue on the New River


Captain Dave and First Mate Bruce have been manning the Water Trolley for the past seven months. They expected this day on the Water Trolley to be just like any other, quietly transporting people across the New River, but a routine trip quickly turned into a rescue mission. 

The Water Trolley was making its way east under the Andrews Bridge when First Mate Bruce saw what he thought was an iguana swimming in the water. As they pulled closer, both Captain Dave and First Mate Bruce saw that it was actually a small puppy. Not long after they spotted the puppy, a man jumped from the dock at The Briny Pub in an attempt to rescue it. However, the current was strong, and the good samaritan had trouble swimming over to the troubled canine.

A woman with somewhat stronger swimming skills followed and dove into the New River to make her way over to the pup.

Recognizing that all three needed a hand, Captain Dave cautiously steered the Water Trolley toward the group. Upon reaching the swimmers, First Mate Bruce lowered the Water Trolley’s safety ladder to help them onto the trolley.

The two rescuers were returned safely back to the dock at The Briny, and the puppy was delivered safely into its owner’s arms.

Join us in congratulating Captain Dave and First Mate Bruce for their quick action and for finding a new way to fulfill the Water Trolley’s mission to serve the community.


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