New Security Cameras and Display System Upgrades on Sun Trolley

Upgrades Will Provide Additional Safety and Benefits for Sun Trolley Passengers 

The Sun Trolley has announced the addition of new security cameras and display systems in the trolleys servicing its seven routes. These security and display systems offer several additional benefits for the approximately 40,000 passengers who utilize one or more of the Sun Trolley’s routes per month.

In addition to on-board security cameras, the trolleys will now sport exterior LED Screens that display route information, as well as interior screens that display public announcements for travelers. The interior screens are ADA compliant offering automatic voice annunciation and closed captioning for passengers who are deaf and hearing impaired.

“Our passengers regularly provide feedback via social media, predominately through our blog and Facebook page,” said Robyn Chiarelli, Sun Trolley’s Executive Director. “This installment of enhancements in our trolleys is due in part to the suggestions we have received from our passengers, and we are thrilled to be able to continue to further improve their experience.”

The Sun Trolley is a convenient, wave and ride transportation alternative that enables commuters to travel car-free throughout Fort Lauderdale to destinations including: Flagler Village, Las Olas Boulevard, the courthouse, the beach, outlying areas like Melrose Park, LifeNet4Families and the Florida Department of Children and Families at Plantation Hospital.

To track the trolleys, in real time, along any of the Sun Trolley’s seven routes, download the award-winning Sun Trolley Tracker App. This mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users.

To download printable route maps, or to learn more, please visit or call (954) 761-3543. Like what Sun Trolley is doing? Show it at

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